Outside Events

Make Your Event an Unforgettable Experience

There’s no place quite like a ballpark. No matter the season, time of day, or weather, the feeling of walking through the gates and gazing upon the playing field creates an incredible excitment. What better place to host your next event?

Fairfield Properties Ballpark is centrally-located on Long Island and is a staple in the Long Island residential and business community. The venue is complete with a 90,000 square-foot professionally maintained playing surface available for athletic contests, day or night, and both indoor and outdoor space for groups of all sizes. Additionally, the ballpark features a dedicated parking lot adjacent to the facility and is ADA compliant. With affordably-priced packages and multiple options available, Fairfield Properties Ballpark is the perfect venue for your:

-Athletic Event
-Annual Conference
-On-Field Batting Practice -Trade Show
-Corporate Functions -Networking Event
-Photography/Filming -Training and Seminars
-Office Meetings -And so much more!

The ballpark offers a wide variety of functions that suit and equally-wide variety of events. Fairfield Properties Ballpark can accommodate your every need, and with decades of experience, our friendly and knowledgable staff is ready to help make your dream event a reality. Please fill out the form below or call us at (631) 940-3825 to get pricing and more information; You’ll be one step closer to scheduling your unforgettable event!

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