"Urgent action is needed to safeguard MiLB’s vital contribution to local economies across the country, driving revenue and economic growth and serving as pillars of the community. MiLB is essential for local businesses, as many nearby businesses are built around ballpark traffic, and MiLB Clubs are key customers of local suppliers and vendors. This is especially true for local hotels, gas stations, restaurants, and bars, all of which thrive during baseball season."

"MiLB is the most affordable and family-friendly professional sport in communities across the nation. In 2019, the price for a family of four to park, enjoy a game, and eat a full meal was only $69. Pre-pandemic, MiLB Clubs employed more than 3,300 full-time employees and nearly 32,000 part-time and seasonal employees. Additional COVID-19 relief would allow clubs to immediately return to full staffing levels and safeguard vital jobs in your community."

From Atlantic League President Rick White:

"Our Board of Directors recently discussed the federal Minor League Baseball Relief Act. The bill has received bilateral support and is of huge potential benefits to professional baseball. All Atlantic League clubs will benefit from its passage. To learn more, please visit this website:

The league is asking you and your owner to contact your local congressional representatives to support the Minor League Baseball Relief Act!"